Roulette 6 Statistics to Know


Roulette has always been one of the most popular casino games, seeing its popularity increase when it appears in Hollywood movies. The protagonists of the films make their big bets, while the slow motion alternates between the jumps of the ball defining the winning number and the eyes of the character.

Roulette casino


More recently, roulette has attracted even more fans of the bet of more than 40 thousand euros made by poker champion Jake Cody . All he has done in his poker tournament was bet on black in the casino Winoui of Rob Yong , multiplying his little fortune in less than a minute. Millions of fans witnessed this feat when the video went viral last March.

Not only can this happen to game champions like Cody, but anyone who plays it in a physical casino, in online casinos, or in a fascinating combination of the two, like live roulette games in online casinos can use statistics to increase their chances of success.

Roulette statistics

Regardless of what we may be led to believe or the experience of many players, theoretically the casino has an advantage in the game, which varies depending on whether it is a roulette wheel with a single zero or a double zero. For example, the chance of winning by betting on an even number is not really 50%, but 48.65%.


What are the odds of winning at Roulette 37 numbers?


Whole number 2.70% (1/37)

Two digits 5.41%

Three digits 8.11%

Four digits 10.81%

Six digits 16.22%

Nine numbers 24.32%

Twelve numbers 32.43%

Eighteen numbers, c. i.e. black / red, even / odd, high / low (48.65%)


Chances of winning by playing Red / Black

Mathematically speaking, in the game of roulette everything that can happen has the same probabilities. For example, just because the number that came out in the last five shots is red does not decrease the chances that the next shot will be red. Red will still have a 50% chance of coming out. However, the Martingale system is based on logical statistics to always seek to win and bet twice when the previous bet was lost. For more info Click here 먹튀


Bet 1: Red 1.00 Result: Lost

Bet 2: Red 2.00 Result: Lost

Bet 3: Red 4.00 Result: Lost

Bet 4: Red 8.00 Result: WINNER


This system can sometimes work, but when the statistics make fun of us, it can be disastrous. You can try your luck here


To win by betting 5 consecutive times gives a probability of 35: 1, while to win 10 times gives a probability of 1346: 1. A big difference !


Statistics by type of online roulette

Online roulette games have come to stay and change some statistics. The game that used to be called “the gentlemen’s game” has opened up its space in virtual mode to women. The most recent statistics indicate that 46% of virtual roulette players are women.


The prices accumulated at online roulette

Winning big fortunes at roulette can require big bets and nerves of steel. But online roulette at some casinos has incorporated new accumulated prize options, as have the famous slot machines. Some even paid more than 500,000 euros.


The 17th lucky number?

roulette-americaineThe number 17 is associated in different parts of the world with luck or bad luck. While in Rome it is associated with death, Tarot cards associate it with fortune, and what happens to roulette, is it advisable to play it or not?


Many players use the 17 as an anchor to make their internal roulette bets. For example, the billionaire Mike Ashley bet half a million euros on the 17th, as well as on its corners, its pairs and everything else involving the 17th.


He won more than a million euros, obtaining in a single stroke the net profit of more than 800 thousand euros. And although it is not meant to be advice for you to run and bet on the 17th, it does illustrate some of the ways you can bet big players who risk what is not a big fortune for them. An additional article on roulette strategies this time, also read their other articles on the odds of winning, very informative!


bet little or fortunes?

Online roulette has given players who dared not play physical casinos the opportunity, because the minimum to enter had always seemed high. So, in online roulette mode, there are those who bet the minimum.


At the other extreme are those who bet large fortunes in the hope of multiplying their heritage in a simple and rapid manner.

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